history General Choi Hong Hi was born on November 9th, 1981 in the Hwa Dae,Myong Chung District(now in D P R Korea).

All Taekwon-Do exponents regard him as the Founder of Taekwon-Do.

As a child, Choi was frail and sickly, leading to his taking up of the independent but forbidden Korean art Teakyon at the request of his father, during a period when the practice of any martial art was outlawed in his homeland.

Even at an early age, the future general showed a strong and independent spirit.At the age of twelve., he was expelled from the school for agitating the Japanese authorities, who were in controll of Korea. This was the begining of what would be a long association with the Kwang Ju students independence Movement.

  • After his explusion, young Choi's father sent him to study calligraphy under one of the most famous teachers in Korea, Mr. Han 2 Dong. Han, in addition to skills as a calligrapher, was also a master of Taekyon, the ancient Korean art of foot fighting. The teacher concerned over the frail condition of his new student, began teaching him the rigorous excercise of Teakyon to help build his body.
  • General Choi's millitary career began in 1937, when he was forced, as were all Koreans to join the Japanese army as a student volunteer and fought for the Japanees during world war 2nd.
  • Whilst in the Japanese army , choi trained in Shotokan karate, achieving the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt.
  • During his enlistment General Choi was sentenced to 7 yers jail when his plan to over throw the Japanese military high command were discovered.
  • General Choi was later sentenced to death and the execution by only 2 days.
  • In 1945, Choi enrolled in the Korean military Academy, later to be commissioned to the rank of second lieutenant in 1946. Choi was soon company commander in Kwang-Ju, where the young second lieutenant lit the torch of his art by teaching his entire company. Promoted to the first lieutenant. Choi was trasnferred to Taejon and put in command of the second infantry Regiment. While at his new post, Choi began spreading the art not only to Korean soldiers, but also the Americans stationed there. This was the first introduction to Americans of what would eventually become known as Taekwon-Do in 1947. Choi was first promoted to Captain and then Major.
  • By 1948, he had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenent Colonel and was a Taekyon instructor for the militery troops of the R.O.K and the American Militery Police school based in Korea.
  • During the Korean War (1950-53), Choi was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and in 1954 Choi was promoted to the rank of Major General.
  • During his military career, General Choi constantly research various martial arts, mainly Teakyon, Kung-Fu and Karate - drawing from each to create the original version of Teakwon-Do.
  • From 1953-54 brought the organizational of the crack 29th infantry Division at Cheju Island, which eventually became the spear head of Taekwon-Do in the military and established the Oh Do Kwan(Gym of My Way),where he succeeded in training his new martial art to become the pioneer Teakwon-Do instructors. General Choi also commanded Chung Do Kwan, which was the largest civilian gym in Korea.
  • On April 11, 1955 General Choi led the Korean Army's Teakwon-Do demonstration team on atour of China and Vietnam to promote his form of unarmed combat.After breathtaking displays, both these countries adopted General Choi's Teakwon-Do as an integral part of their soldier's military training. Korean instructors were in high demand to instruct to military training. Koreaninstructors were in high demand to instruct to military personal in their new and effective martial art Teakwon-DO.
  • In the year 1959 General Choi was elevated to two illustrious post;President of his newly formed "Korea Taekwon-do Association" and Deputy Commander of the 2nd Army in Tai Gu.

In 1961, the Korean Taekwon-do association was formed with general Chioi as.its President. During the next few years, he led Taekwon-do demonstration teams throughout the world.

In 1965, the South Korean governament gave approval to Genaral Choi's martial art and declared it as korea's national martial art. As a Korean ambassador, and now a retired 3-star General,General Choi led a goodwill mission on tours of Asia, Europe, Africa and the middle east.

  • For few years, General Choi was the Korean ambassador to Malaysia, which led to the country's enormous participation and popularization of Taekwon-Do.
  • The next several years saw the exponential growth of the ITF Taekwon-do, with General Choi tirelessly travelling the world to teach and expand his art. During these travels, General Choi has been especially interested in promoting Taekwon-Do as a worldwide non-political organization and martial art, not just sport, has come true.